Ingratiate: v. to get acceptance and affection by (persuasive and clever praising and/or agreement) and/or (asking for small favors)


The whole process of getting a favorable attitude of acceptance and affection from someone is called ingratiating. It is getting to have someone have a favorable opinion of you and also sincerely liking you.

It sometimes takes more than one action to achieve ingratiation. Some of the techniques used are persuasive and clever praising, real or pretentious agreement, subtle communications, and asking for small favors.

In most relationships honesty is the best policy and if you are trying to ingratiate yourself with someone with pretentious agreement and praise or insincere flattery then you are not being honest with the human and your dishonesty may be discovered at a later time and the acceptance of you and the affection for you will also probably end.

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