Very often you would like to persuade someone or get someone to say yes and agree to a suggestion or offer which you are making. There is an excellent link at the end of this blog which explains this very well in a video presentation.

If you want to view the excellent video at a later time then here is a brief and somewhat dry introduction to the topic.

RECIPROCITY: Humans are more likely to reciprocate, give back something, or be persuaded better if you do them a favor in a nice way first or give them something useful free as a token of your potential generosity.

SCARCITY: If humans sense there is a scarce service or product available which seems to be in short supply then there is a tendency to want to get it right away for fear that it will no longer be available again.

AUTHORITY:  An opinion, advice, or guidance from an authority figure with years of experience or expertise in a job is viewed more favorably than a generic or doubtfully qualified individual’s advice or guidance.

CONSISTENCY: Humans like to be consistent with what they have done in the past and if you can get prior commitment to something then chances are greater that they will follow through when asked again.

LIKING: If you share something that you like in common with a human that you are trying to persuade which may be as simple as a mutually liked food then there is more of a tendency to be persuaded or liking what you have to offer. Humans like others who are similar to them, pay them some nice compliments, and have a cooperative attitude in reaching future goals.

CONSENSUS: If you suggest or present evidence that as many as 75% of humans  who have much in common with the one whom you are trying to persuade  are buying or doing the same thing then the probability that they will also want to buy or do that something increases. This is an example of the herd instinct or wanting to become part of the same crowd of similar humans.



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