Hostility: n. being against a subset(s) with some dislike and/or hatred which may result in an action(s) done to harm samer subset(s) sometimes with violence

If you are hostile towards someone then it is probably because you dislike or hate what that person said or did and it probably interferes in a bad way with your life. Sometimes a hostile attitude can escalate into violent actions. A whole nation can also become a hostile nation if the leadership decides to arm itself and distribute weapons to its supporters worldwide.

There are hostile personalities but the ones causing most of the problems in this world originate from hostile or potentially hostile nations. This is so because with history as a lesson a current unhostile nation can rather readily transform itself into a hostile one almost overnight or definitely with a change to a hostile political leadership.

Angry personal confrontations can lead to hostility and anger between nations can sometimes lead to hostility. Personal hostility is your fault and national hostility is the leadership’s fault from which the citizens of the nation frequently unjustly suffer because most do not have hostile intentions towards other nations or humans but want peace not aggressive warfare.

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