High: adj. (a relatively large vertical displacement from the earth and/or a relatively large vertical displacement from a mathematical plane parallel to the earth) and/or (a relatively large displacement from a subset(s) in the universe and/or a vertical ascent in hierarchy) and/or (a large displacement in degree and/or a large quantity)

High is one of my few definitions which have multiple meanings because it is so commonly used in everyday life that it may be hard to extinguish its multiple meaning usage. There are high buildings, high ranks, high temperatures, high frequencies, high speed, high pulses, high blood pressure, high profits, high opinions, heightened emotions, high energy, highly respected things, and being high on drugs and high on life.

My recommendation is to replace the word high with large in all situations which do not refer to vertical distance measurements from a reference point. Thus it would be high buildings and high chairs but large rank, large temperature, large frequency, large speed, large emotion, large on drugs, etc.

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