Glorify: v. to give honorable and very intense praise to a subset(s) which should have as much natural and/or functional beauty as possible

Nature deserves to be glorified and all the animals and plants in it. The only exception to the rule is the human animal who is infrequently deserving of glorification because in most parts of the world the human animal is destroying nature and not living in harmony or in a symbiotic relationship with it.

Human pollution is not only causing health problems in humans but many animals and some plants are also being irreversibly changed by human pollution and many are threatened with extinction due also to the destruction of habitat as well as the introduction of foreign species which take over the native biome to some extent.

Historically humans have glorified religions and unfortunately almost all of them do not preach the conservation of biodiversity which is vital to the long duration survival of humans on the face of this precious endangered planet.

Sustainability is the current concept which encourages humans to live in harmony with nature utilizing natural processes as much as possible and this is especially important in agriculture with organic farming being the only sound long duration solution to the pollution being caused by toxic chemicals in the form of artificial pesticides and herbicides, GMOs, artificial fertilizers, monoculture agriculture, factory farming of domesticated animals, and artificial food additives.

Dead zones in the ocean and rivers should be a dire warning to everyone because a dead zone also means that there are huge sick zones in the ocean and rivers also which affects humans with sickness or ill health. It is time to radically start reversing pollution and start passing strict conservation laws designed to rid the oceans, rivers, lakes, and land of toxic human waste!!!!!!

Start glorifying nature and sustainability or creeping sickness and death will be inherited by future generations.

Sustainable manufacturing is possible as evidenced by the BMW plant in Chattanooga Tennessee but what we really need is sustainable mining and processing which still generates incredible pollution levels in many cases.

There are strategically important metals which China is manufacturing by ignoring pollution control requirements and cornering the world market. It is possible that in the foreseeable future that China can refuse to sell them and blackmail the United States and other countries. That is the fear of some in the defense department so stockpiling is a possible short duration solution.

Ultimately every nation in the world will have to cooperate with one another to ensure world peace or the world will slide into military aggressive chaos. Sharing up to date pollution technology with China and other developing countries and asking them to conform to worldwide mining and processing standards would be a mutually beneficial solution to both the US and China and any other country interested in competing on an equal footing.

Whatever problems confront a nation, the ultimate and only solution is worldwide cooperation and that includes cyber crime. Worldwide mutually agreed to laws are the only solution because we have entered the point of no return from the necessity to become as much a world community as possible all thinking globally for mutual benefit.

We must also think globally about saving the environment because pollution and habitat loss in one part of the world affects the other parts sooner or later.

Glorify nature and worldwide cooperation as soon as possible because humanity needs both to survive in the long duration.

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