Get: v. to add a subset(s) to one’s permanent and/or temporary possessions voluntarily and/or involuntarily

Get food and drink voluntarily and you usually add something pleasant to your life. Get a headache, a disease, an injury, or emotional trauma involuntarily and the chances are great that you will be adding something unpleasant to your life. There are important exceptions to these two general rules but they are usually validated in many cases.

The most important exception is involuntarily getting disciplined with punishment from parents or a boss. This can be quite unpleasant but the long duration effect is usually a beneficial or pleasant one because humans should learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. Being educated with new knowledge and/or skills can also be involuntary to some extent but the long duration effects are usually pleasant ones although not intuitively obvious to the reluctant recipient of the new knowledge and/or skills.

You can also get something pleasant or unpleasant temporarily or permanently and hopefully the unpleasant ones are temporary and the most important pleasant ones rather permanent. Life is a continuous process of change so the reality is that most pleasant and unpleasant possessions are only temporary ones unless it is a permanent disease or injury. Severe emotional trauma can have lifelong unpleasant effects on your behavior but time frequently greatly reduces or even eliminates the severity of an emotional trauma.

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