Government: n. controlling a political (territory and/or possession(s)) and/or group(s)

You can inaccurately say that you govern rather than just control your own behavior or your offspring behavior. Government usually controls to some extent a group(s) of humans, has control over certain possessions, and has jurisdiction over a bounded territory(s). Most governments have enforced rules and regulations or laws which apply to a territory(s) and its inhabitants.

The major complaints about government are that it is too bureaucratic or inefficient, has too many unjust laws, is corrupt, and is unresponsive to the true needs of the governed.

Government’s true purpose is to protect its citizens from external aggression, criminals, and environmental pollution. It is also increasingly apparent that it must provide a safety net for the destitute and also unemployed in a job poor environment and provide emergency medical care for those who can’t afford the medical insurance.

Maintaining the infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water, and electricity are important but even more important is protecting wilderness areas for future generations as a safety net of healthy plants and animals when irresponsible use of technology has polluted the food supply to the point where it is no longer healthy for human consumption.

An immoral government with immoral citizens is the biggest threat and a large potential threat of chaos in the foreseeable future. A secular moral code should really be taught all impressionable young minds in school so that they grow up to be law abiding citizens interested in promoting a just moral government. Trying to govern citizens without a moral backbone is mission impossible and it should be no surprise that almost a quarter of the US population is struggling with “mental illness” and leading dysfunctional social lives with offspring being the primary victims of family breakdowns.

Except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. Religion traditionally ensured a moral citizenry to some extent and their replacement psychologists and psychiatrists are doing a terrible job trying to teach moral behavior to the secular citizenry with relativistic situation ethics where almost any behavior can be justified and is accepted.

The only true hope of reducing corruption in government is a moral citizenry and until we create a moral society again there is a serious possibility that a tyrannical government will take over to stop a future descent into anarchy. Just democracies are only possible with peaceful moral exchanges between its citizens and once the exchanges are no longer moral a peaceful just democracy is no longer possible.

The growing welfare class and gradual destruction of the middle class means that there must be a radical change in the welfare system or the remaining working class will become the slaves of the welfare class leading to inevitable bankruptcy. My book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS and JUSTICE outline the future legal changes which will have to be made to ensure the continuation of a just vital democracy. Constitutional changes are also necessary in the long duration and I have written about those too if you are interested.

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