Gamble: v. to take chances where the objective is getting to a goal which usually has much less than a 50% probability of existing and frequently a profit is hoped for

With the exception of blackjack were card counting works in your favor odds wise, without cheating gambling in business establishments has worse odds than flipping a coin which is a 50% probability where theoretically you break even and don’t win any money or don’t lose any in the long duration. Gambling legally is a long duration losing proposition and although you may win once in a while it does not pay in the long run because you lose more often than you win.

Private gambling such as in poker may be a lucrative way to make some money if you are very skilled in reading facial expressions and find plenty of suckers to play against you who lose most of the time.

The higher the promised reward the less likely you are to win and playing the lottery for huge dollar amounts often has odds of one in ten million so this is in reality a guarantee that you won’t win no matter how often you bet.

Gambling can be very addictive for some humans and it is a major reason why families with addicted gamblers often lead miserable financial lives.

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