Finance: v. to help a subset(s) with money

When you finance a project or activity then you are essentially helping it along with a money contribution.

Financing family life responsibly is a challenge, especially if there are two breadwinners who have their own strong opposing views on how the money should be spent.

Usually getting financing is only part of the battle to get things done. The most important consideration in financing is how the money is spent in detail because spending it all rather quickly without caution is sometimes very tempting to do.

The world of business financing has conservative and liberal approaches and there is great temptation to try and make big short duration profits rather than investing for the long run which is the conservative approach. The instability of the financial system of the world is primarily caused by big money speculating too much with the nation’s money supply and the result is financial instability and bankruptcy threatening at every turn.

Irresponsible spending by governments and not balancing the budget is one of the major failings that imperil the long duration health of a nation. With businesses essentially being too big to fail and governments guaranteeing them against default, the inevitable descent into overwhelming debt is inescapable and each crisis situation just gets worse with longer lasting consequences that impoverish a nation.

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