Fanaticism: n. motivated by extreme and/or unreasoning enthusiasm for a subset(s) and frequently intolerant of any opposition to samer subset(s)

Usually one thinks of religious and political fanatics totally devoted to and enthusiastically promoting their beliefs with an intolerant attitude. There can be fanatics in other areas of life too who express it with intolerant unreasoning enthusiasm often involving a dogmatic belief(s) which is often is a very deviant and not a normative one. A fanatic may believe that the earth is flat and the sun revolves around the earth and wants all the educational institutions to teach this absurdity.

There is also transient fanaticism which doesn’t last that long which is practiced by some occasionally. Trying to finish work which ordinarily should last a week and trying to do it in three days by taking no breaks and sleeping only a few hours a day could be considered to be a form of transient fanaticism.

Fanaticism is highly subjective in many cases because a fanatical terrorist suicide bomber may be considered to be a hero by those believing in his or her cause. If fanaticism is considered to be a valid means to a “good” end then that fanaticism may in effect be idolized by a group of deviant thinking and behaving individuals.

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