Failure: n. not completing a goal(s)

Fear of failure handicaps many individuals who have a history of failing and have suffered much ridicule and condemnation for those failings. If you think of failing as an opportunity to learn what does not work and then courageously move on then failure will not dominate your life unless you suffer from severe incompetency or handicap.

Getting good parents and a good useful education can minimize failure in life but nothing is a guarantee against failure since no one is perfect and we have to learn to deal with our own failures in our own personal way when they happen.

Failing too often in the same way is not easily tolerated by society. You should do your best to change yourself and to not fail again the same way. If you ever begin to feel hopeless just remember Thomas Edison who said “I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!”

Finally the key to minimizing failure in your life is to make reasonable goals for you to achieve in life and not make unrealistic ones which are too risky or have very little chance of being achieved. Remember, if you don’t have much talent, it is better to be an expert in a limited field than just another worker in a crowded celebrity field with thousands of workers catering to the talented few.

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