Ecstasy: n. sensing maximally intense pleasure which may or may not be injurious to the brain

Ecstasy is an extreme brain condition which often is injurious to the brain if extended for too long duration. A human naturally experiencing ecstasy usually finds out that it doesn’t last very long.  Experiencing ecstasy without drugs is the maximum intense pleasure which a human can experience without damaging the brain.  

Artificial ecstasy induced by drugs either increases the intensity unnaturally or upsets the chemical balance of the brain and is usually harmful to the brain in the short and especially the long duration.

Primitive tribes and some cults use natural plant chemicals to change the brain functioning of humans. When used in moderation or for special occasions it seems that long duration bad effects don’t exist and that the brain stabilizes itself after each such episode.

Whether an infrequent temporary altered brain chemistry is harmful in the long duration is open to debate because not all chemicals induce ecstasy or exceed it and scientific experiments have rarely been performed on many mind altering drugs to test the long duration bad effects on the brain.

Not all mind altering drugs induce ecstasy but the bad effects of prolonged use of psychiatric drugs which do alter natural brain chemistry is undeniable in the long duration.

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