Experiment: v. to use the scientific method to reach a (judgment(s) and/or conclusion(s)) and/or to determine the probability of a cause(s) and effect(s)

Science has made remarkable progress because of the scientific method, mathematical rigor, and experimentation verifying that results can be duplicated in the lab and in effect proving that a theory or formula is valid or true.

Outside the lab reality is different and not so mathematical and only probability statements can be made about the possible cause and effect relationships between often vaguely defined variables.

There is no certainty in statistics and no true cause effect relationships which can be verified over and over again with mathematical accuracy. Social and political science are sciences in name only and do not meet rigorous scientific standards.

Statistics on political polls are a perfect example. A poll can vary from day to day and the wording of the questions asked greatly determine the truthfulness of the answers. Some questions are so vague or misleading that humans may decide to answer the way they are expected to answer and not how they truly feel about an issue.

Financial wealth, occupation, married or unmarried status, age, education, region of the country, and differing beliefs and opinions all make polling potentially very unreliable with bad predictive value. Even statistics and polls on who you will vote for can change almost overnight due to some political statement a candidate may make which changes the opinion of many voters overnight.

You can consider questions asked humans and the answers gotten as experiments on them to determine cause and effect relationships for them. If they are not lying then your results or useful information about an individual will be quite reliable but if the person is deceitful or lies then your conclusions about him or her will be inaccurate and not very useful.

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