Eat healthy tasty organic food and drink water, unsweetened juices, herbal teas, and tasty beer in moderation.

Exercise in moderation with natural body motions.

Get enough sleep at night.

Take short breaks to rest or think during the work day to avoid premature burnout and stimulate creativity which is nurtured by restful thinking pauses.

Be someone with integrity. Be honest, sincere, moral, dependable, competent, friendly, empathetic, and confident.

Try to associate with selfmotivated optimistic humans as much as possible.

Focus on what is good about your job and your life and practice being grateful for what you have.

Set goals which are achievable yet a little challenging.

Consider failures as learning lessons in what not to do in the future.

Remember that the only real failure is a failure to take action once the failure is acknowledged.

For every failure step back, examine your assumptions, make a better plan or do something different.

Communicate efficiently by being short and sweet and to the point. Listen more than you talk as a way of learning new knowledge about human personalities and mining their ideas and knowledge.

Find role models and reading material which inspires you.

Make your office an enjoyable work environment by trying to maintain an uncluttered appearance, having motivational or inspiring pictures and quotes, and having a comfortable area for visitors.

Try to enjoy the moment more often.

Give deserved credit to others and savor their appreciation.

Find ways to “give back” and return favors or help which you have gotten from others.

Throw away something in your office and at home which is useless.

Consciously analyze your strengths and make them stronger and work at improving your weaknesses or find humans who are strong where you are weak to work for you.

Actions speak louder than words so make sure that your actions match what you are saying or promoting.

Try to become more selfreliant by adding new useful knowledge and skills to your usual repertoire.


Avoid as much as possible pessimistic, complaining, unhappy, depressing humans who drain your emotional energy.

Tardiness, lying, deceit, undependability, selfishness, laziness, and gossiping all decrease good human relationships or interactions and demotivate humans to do their best.

Avoid too much unhealthy food and drink, no exercise, not enough sleep, and a frenetic pace with no breaks or rest periods which will ruin your body and mental health in the long duration.

Don’t believe in luck or fate as being important factors when setting and achieving goals.

Don’t consider blaming other humans a solution for failures which are your ultimate responsibility.

Don’t dwell too long on your past successes and failures and waste precious time needed for present and future actions.

Don’t expect perfection from others and yourself all the time since you will too often be frustrated and obsessed with performance which doesn’t meet your unrealistic standards.

Try to avoid describing failures with emotionally charged words such as terrible, disaster, horrible, stupidity and try to use less impactful words such as annoying, irritating, troubling, and upsetting. Emotionally intense words are longer lasting in memory so don’t emphasize your failures or they may begin to dominate your successes in your mind.

Don’t procrastinate once you have determined your task priorities of what is important to do first to last.

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