Exception: n. a subset(s) that does not obey a rule(s) and/or doesn’t correspond to a generalization(s) and/or norm(s) but is frequently erroneously assumed to be obeying the rule(s) and/or corresponding to the generalization(s) and/or norm(s)

Susan had everything that a young lady could want, with the exception of the man she loves. Exceptions don’t obey a rule(s) or don’t correspond to a generalization(s) and/or norm(s).

You can make a general rule or assumption that it doesn’t rain in a desert because it is too hot and there is no water. You would be wrong to assume this absolute because there are exceptions and it rarely does rain in the desert and plants that have remained dormant suddenly spring to life and quickly grow to maturity.

Yes, there are probably parts of the great Sahara desert or the Atacama desert in Chile where it never rains but no one has been watching all the regions for 2000 years and maybe there is no place on earth where it never rains, and even in the remotest region it may rain once in 2000 years.

When it comes to human behavior there are plenty of humans who are exceptions to almost any general norm that you can think of. You may think that no one laughs at their own death but some humans are exceptions and actually do laugh at their own death and some even make jokes about their own death.

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