Evaluate: v. to judge the value of a subset(s) based on a subjective and/or objective (standard(s) and/or norm(s))

How valuable something is may be a subjective personal opinion or a consensus of personal opinions on the value of something.  You may also use an established value standard or norm as a basis for comparison with the value which you feel something has.

Most standards and norms are subjective in nature and it is only those grounded in science with mathematical calculations that can truly be called objective values.

How rare something is frequently determines its monetary value to a large degree. Usually the rarer something is the more valuable it is with the possible exception of rare diseases and rare behavioral abnormalities which can be considered to have negative value monitarily.

Personality characteristics have social value which translates into monetary value also but there is no direct mathematical formula which guarantees that x characteristic has m value monitarily. There is only a statistical probability that if you have personality characteristics x, y, and z that your monetary value will be approximately m  p percent of the time.

The marketplace often determines the monetary value of something and it is disastrous that rare rhino horn and elephant ivory has such a high price because killing and extinction is directly proportional to the value of something in the wilderness.

If a wilderness plant or animal is domesticated and raised for ongoing profit then the wild species can continue to thrive untouched by human civilization provided that their real estate is not stolen from them by agricultural greed.


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