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Eavesdropping:  n. willfully and fraudulently stealing the right to a private conversation by secretly hearing and/or recording the conversation

If you are listening in on a private conversation and have no authorization to do so then you are fraudulently stealing information and it is even worse if you are recording it.

In the new internet age cyber security for private humans and private businesses is very problematic because to pinpoint with accuracy certain cyber criminals and even terrorists it seems like the only ultimate defense is recording the private information and using sophisticated algorithms to locate or separate the good and bad information and separate the good and bad humans on the internet.

Someone must have ultimate authority over this private information and it is the duty of the government law enforcement arm and competent judges to uncover any fraudulent information gathering and fraudulent information usage.

Not only is the internet information a challenge to national governments but it is becoming increasingly necessary to have worldwide legal jurisdiction over the information which can originate anywhere in the world. International cooperation so that eavesdropping across national borders is possible is the real challenge facing true international cyber justice and enforcement.

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