Influential humans are valuable to others by solving major general and/or specific problems in their many or mass “customer” lives.

Influential humans are valuable to other influencers by being able to solve some major general and/or specific problems which the influencers may have at the moment.

Influential humans are good public speakers and can communicate to relatively large interested audiences.

Influential humans are authentic and passionate and greatly care about what they are doing and want to do it with humans of integrity whom they can respect and trust.

Influential humans seek out other mass influencers and try to develop schmoozing or networking relationships at the least and closer friendships if possible with bigger influencers always in an atmosphere of mutual respect and admiration.

Influential humans prioritize relationships with other mass influencers and try not to waste their precious time on influencers with minimum potential to help promote their goal(s).

Influential humans understand the power of two way communication necessary in reciprocity or the power of exchange of mutually beneficial information and favors.

Influential humans try to become the formal and/or informal hub of a community of influencers which keeps building in strength and membership with duration.

Influential humans are inspirational and can motivate you to follow the idea or vision which they are trying to sell rather successfully.

Influential humans repetitively take actions directed towards their goal(s) and when indecision strikes and they aren’t sure what action to take they seek advice and guidance from those who should be in the know or have greater influence.

Influential humans try to give back to the community at large some of their success by promoting their own philanthropic cause(s) and/or the philanthropic causes of others whom they admire and respect.

Influential humans, when appropriate, introduce two or more influential humans with one another making sure to inform or stress the laudable achievements of either party to each other.

Influential humans are generally honest, sincere, trustworthy, dependable, empathetic, friendly, competent, confident, decisive, and have a very good if not excellent memory for names. They excel in emotional intelligence.

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