Damage: v. to injure a subset(s) which is frequently a possession(s) and/or a human(s) which frequently results in a decrease in (value and/or goodness) and/or (quality and/or desirability) and/or (usefulness and/or health)

You damage possessions and you injure humans but I choose to include the injury of a possession in my definition because injury is better understood by humans than damage to possessions. Injury to a subset can be either a human or a possession and is an anthropomorphic concept which I endorse.


With this definition injury to a human or injury to the environment, wilderness, or an object become just as important and can be sensed in visceral human terms.


I do not encourage the division of the world into humans and objects or things but promote the idea that both have equal importance or that humans should not be separated from their environment upon which they so vitally depend in the long duration for their health and survival. Humans are not more important than nature from which they should not be separated!!!!!!


Don’t injure your possessions but treat them with the respect and admiration which they deserve since they are a part of nature and just as important as you are in the overall scheme of things. There should not be a world of humans and things with humans being more important but a world of things or subsets where inanimate objects are just as important as humans in nature.


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