Danger: n. a subset(s) which can cause potential injury and/or death

Something dangerous has the potential to cause personal injury, personal embarrassment, and sometimes even death.

There are dangerous hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and storms but fear is a dominant concern for most humans and they may even consider certain foods, drinks, insects, and relatively harmless animals as being dangerous. They are afraid to eat certain foods, drink certain drinks, or come close to some insects and animals for fear that they will be attacked or poisoned.

Fear or avoidance of feared subsets is dominant in most human subconscious minds and except for thrill seekers most humans try to avoid situations or circumstances which they consider dangerous or which they fear.

A phobia is an extreme reaction to feared subsets and if you research the many forms of phobias then you will find that some humans can be afraid of almost anything, including such harmless objects as small rooms and even dirt. There is even a fear of public places and you can imagine how handicapped these humans are with such a phobia.


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