Debate: v. to formally argue and/or discuss with opposing opinions and/or facts

Most debates should start out in discussion format but unfortunately on some issues the discussion can turn into an argument with either side trying to dominate the debate without using important facts to back up their viewpoints. When debates turn to arguing then reason often is ignored and verbal fighting begins with tactics such as ridicule, name calling, put downs, smears, and harsh criticism.

Some political debates start with questions from a moderator but can soon turn into assaults between competing politicians with tit for tat comments being lobbed between opposing candidates. A clash of personalities rather than a true debate about the issues begins as each tries to appear better, smarter, or more witty than the opposing candidate.

Unfortunately in politics it is the personality of the candidate under pressure which determines whether voters will vote for you and coming across with public emotional appeal, cool, calm, and humerous is often more important than the factual basis of the argued issues. Key words which resonate well or appeal to voter emotions are more important to repeat and stress rather than presenting dry supporting facts which few really understand or want to absorb during a political debate.

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