Decentralization: n. dividing an organization and/or business into mostly relatively independently functioning efficient subsets

Decentralization is in human terms is delegating responsibility or authority to others who then behave relatively independently on their own making most if not all the day to day decisions which have to be made and bearing full responsibility for the decisions and results.


The government organization definitely needs decentralization with the Senate as an additional layer of duplicitous bureaucracy which hampers speedy necessary responses to local conditions. The powers granted to the states should be granted to the localities nationwide to efficiently decentralize the national government with its overall important rules and regulations which also need updating.


Innovation would thrive with such a decentralized structure yet there would be national order too and done more efficiently. A nation of 435 decentralized new states if you chose to think of it that way all custom fitting their government to the local communities.


The experimental entrepreneurial spirit would be reborn again with 435 action packed new political units doing their thing. The national diversity like biodiversity would once again thrive and not be unnaturally homogenized and made the same dull uniform dysfunctional thing all over the entire nation.


A structure truly representative of the people is possible more so than the current dysfunctional Senate-House political system unable to act responsibly for the benefit of the nation and almost always waring, fighting, or arguing with one another and unable to agree on far too many important matters.


Let 435 flowers bloom and not just 50!!!!!!

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