Culpability: adj. deserving blame or guilt despite absence of actual participation in guilty and/or bad action(s)

If you see a lone toddler head for a busy intersection who then gets hit by a car or if you witness a shoplifter and don’t inform the owner, manager, or clerk of the retail establishment then you are culpable or deserve blame or are guilty for not trying to do something to stop these bad human circumstances out of a moral obligation to help a human in need or to inform on an illegal act.

If you do not help a minor in need or if you witness illegality and do nothing then you are deserving of blame or are culpable for inaction.

Culpable humans simply do not fulfill their implied social duties or obligations even though common excuses are “it is none of my business” or “I don’t want to get involved” or “it is too much of a hasslen”.

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