Customer: n. the buyer and frequently user of ingus

A customer buys information and/or goods and/or services or ingus in the marketplace sometimes out of pure necessity for survival and sometimes for mere entertainment or selfish gratification which is giving in to wanting impulses and not true need impulses.

The marketplace is filled with ingus designed to satisfy human insatiable wants and not so much actual human needs. Customers want beyond their financial means and credit card companies and the marketplace is there to try and satisfy those wants which are created in the media through mass brainwashing. I want, I want is a popular request theme of offspring who are never trained to ask- do I really need it? or Is there something better which I can buy instead?

I am just still thankful that many reputable companies refund money for goods which the customer finds out after purchase is either not good or not useful as the intended original purpose was advertised. I like the phrase satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!!!!!! and wish that more reputable companies would offer and fulfill such a pledge or promise.

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