Historically military violence was conquered with superior military violence or force. Today ISIS is trying to wage a worldwide terrorist expansion of the fanatical Caliphate State.  Japan in World War II also had a fanatical ideology which even translated into suicide bombing airplanes or Kamikazes.

If someone terrorizes you then you need to terrorize back with even greater terror, the terror of exploding nuclear weapons! Ask the leaders of the Caliphate. Do you want to rule over a radioactive Caliphate population or not and therefore cease your terrorist activities worldwide to prevent such a scenario? Their answer will be fuck no! None of us want to die of radiation poisoning in our Caliphate State!

Sure, there will be innocent civilian casualties as in all wars but dropping one or two nuclear bombs will be enough for a surrender of the entire terrorist leadership! We will prove to them that we have more balls than they do and if they resist us their destiny is certain death and ruling over a radiation wasteland.

I don’t care how religiously fanatical you are. If you have the alternative of surrendering your fanatical beliefs or perishing or dying then most leaders will surrender just like the emperor and his military leaders did in World War II.

Some civilians will be sacrificed for the welfare of the whole in the long duration and political terror will be nipped in the bud!!!!!!

Yes, there will be thousands of unfortunate civilian casualties but the result will be a quick end to the fighting and no more wartime expenditure for bombs, airplanes, support personnel on into the foreseeable future.  War is never just for the civilian population but some must die in order to save the many, especially saving the lives of thousands of ground force fighting men and women and future terrorist victims elsewhere in the world.

We can triumph over organized terrorism, we just need the brains and balls or superior courage to follow through on our threats in the name of long duration peace worldwide!!!!!!

Terrorist fighting is guerrilla warfare which can’t be won without the support of the population where it is being fought but more importantly the leadership of the guerrillas must be taken out or terrorized to the point where they lose popular support among the ruled and are so afraid of death themselves that they cease their terrorist propaganda and terrorist physical assaults. Threaten to nuke the terrorist Caliphate motherfuckers out of existence with tactical nuclear weapons!

Of course actual tactical nuclear bombs should be used as a last resort but threaten to use them if they don’t change to a more docile localized political tyrannical leadership entity minus the international terror.

Yes, you must follow through on a threat and give a deadline or the threat is going to be considered political bullshit and ignored. That’s where political courage is necessary. To actually use tactical nuclear bombs to prove that you are not just pulling their leg or lying to them. Make the threat but then follow through on your promise to take action by a certain date or the threat will be ignored and you will become the laughing stock of the world.

ISIS can be defeated almost instantly into a state of submission and their terrorist threat will not linger on indefinitely into the near future without solution. All it takes is some serious threatening followed by decisive action. Do you want an eternal struggle with fanatics with worldwide disruption and alarm and unending decisiveness or do you want to resolve the issue almost overnight? The choice is yours.

I offer you an almost instant resolution. Take it and run with it if you want almost instant peace from terrorism! Personally I don’t think anyone has the balls to do what must be done so the military industrial complex will continue to profit from an unresolved serious matter which they frankly don’t want solved anyway, at least not overnight.

Surrender international terrorism or die!!!!!! The choice can’t be made clearer. We should be in control and not them!!!!!!

Our military leaders lack brains and imagination. For example. There is a relatively small town in the Caliphate state that we want under the control of friendly forces. Communicate to ISIS that we will be taking back the town in a weeks time with our forces. Drop leaflets in Arabic notifying the citizenry that the town will be nuked in one week if ISIS is not out of there. The citizens will flee temporarily and if ISIS still has soldiers in the town after friendly forces move in the town will be nuked with ISIS soldiers in it. Simple yet effective solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem!!!!!!   

Try to convince me again that overwhelming military force and the threat of that force will not work. The threat of Nuking is the answer and the towns can eventually become cities to be evacuated before a threatened nuclear devastation. Brains and balls in action!!!!!!

Message is clear. ISIS soldiers and leadership surrenders world terrorism or they get systematically exterminated with tactical nuclear weapons town after town, city after city. Just one nuclear bomb explosion on a town with ISIS soldiers in it will get the message across loud and clear. Don’t fuck with us or we will systematically exterminate all of ISIS including the leadership!!!!!!

Incidentally, a side benefit of my approach is that all this can be done with minimum of civilian casualties since they will have fled the towns and cities temporarily. ISIS against nuclear weapons. Who wins? I think that I have wasted enough time on the subject matter and if you still don’t agree with me then do your usual dysfunctional aggression the old traditional way and waste huge amounts of precious tax payer money doing so.

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