Countel: n. the alleged cause and/or complaint in a formal unique recorded communication (eg. summons) which communicates the cause(s) of a legal action(s) in a criminal and/or a civil action(s) and usually more than one cause is listed (presently known as counts (now countels) in a legal summons)

You may have been served with a summons to appear in criminal and/or civil court to answer alleged counts or countels or compaints from a plaintiff who is suing you for something.

Your legal course of action is to contest the counts or countels as being invalid in your opinion or you can agree with the counts or countels and appear in court to answer them in a way which will ensure minimum financial impact on you for doing something alleged illegal.

Lawyers have a tendency to try and scare you with more than a handful of legal counts against you in a summons and I have a history of contesting some of the counts as being fraudulent or invalid and have succeeded in getting the case resolved and ultimately dismissed in my favor. Not all challenges to alleged counts in a summons are successful but if there is a fraudulent one(s) among them then your legal position is more favorable.

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