Contain: v. to have a subset of a set within the set

What does an object container or box contain is relatively easy to answer in many cases. What does the body contain on a microscopic level is something humans are still feverishly working on to get answers to.

Many of the chemicals in the human body have been identified and the circuitry of the brain has been probed but the biggest questions are still how does all that complexity work together? We will probably never have the complete answer to how the human body works on the microscopic level but with each passing year our understanding continues to grow.

Even more mysterious is actually knowing what the universe contains and how does it all work together since we can’t do experiments in the lab on it. With more information from the Hubble telescope coming in we are finding more and more unexplained anomalies which don’t seem to fit any simplified theory about the universe. Already unknowns such as dark matter, dark energy, dark frequency, and dark gravity are being postulated to try and explain a largely unexplainable universe. Even the “scientific” creation myth of the universe is being challenged by some revolutionaries, including myself.

A container limits the possible expansion of a (solid and/or liquid) and/or (gas and/or plasma) and/or energy to an internal volume. What does a set contain? Whatever subset(s) is contained, the subset(s) is limited in it’s expansion possibilities by the  boundaries or external limits of that set .

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