Consensus: n. a common group opinion and/or general group agreement

A public consensus can be thought of as more than 50% having the same opinion or agreeing to some general view.

A scientific consensus is more problematic and realistically a red flag because science should not be dependent on group opinions but should be grounded in scientific facts proven in a laboratory or with the use of scientific principles. It is not at all proven or obvious that global warming is human caused or merely climate change primarily effected by changes in the energy producing ability of the sun.

My personal belief, since there is no proven evidence that humans are responsible for global warming if in fact it does exist, is that the sun is primarily responsible for climate change judging from the fact that winters are very cold and snowy and summers are quite hot with much drought existing in some parts of the world. Minute changes in CO2 levels if they are rising slightly could not possibly explain the rather dynamic and dramatic changes in climate worldwide during the year.

Supposedly the scientific consensus was that there was global warming and that was given up as being untrue and the scientific consensus now is that there is global climate change. If there is such a change then it is in both directions both hot and cold and if you were to truly analyze the data the average temperature throughout the year is rather constant and not changing that much to be alarmed about.

What most concerns me most is that there is no consensus that wilderness must be preserved and expanded at all costs to ensure the long duration health of humans and planet earth itself. We desperately need wilderness as a safety net for future human generations who can depend on it for a healthy supply of food when technological excess makes most food unhealthy for human consumption.

The cleansing power of wilderness to ensure healthy air worldwide or to restore the natural gaseous balance is highly underestimated and few realize this very important fact so vital to our long duration survival. Without healthy air to breathe future generations will be in great danger worldwide.

Gaseous balance is important but so is the amount of particulate matter floating in the air which is causing lower temperatures locally because of the reflecting properties of particulate matter. If anything, particulate matter in the atmosphere means lower average temperatures locally and minute lower temperature effects worldwide and not higher ones.

Political consensus is an abnormal preoccupation with polls being taken of public opinion on a frequent basis trying to show or prove that one political opinion is dominant or worthy of consideration. Polling obsessions are not very healthy and bore the shit out of the consuming public.

Mostly the media has an addiction to polling data and tries to pontificate authoritatively on it boring most of us to the point where we start to ignore the repetitive media on most of what it is saying about other seemingly important matters also.

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