pots study consent

Consent: v. to give permission by an authority to (achieve a goal(s) and/or do a subset(s))

Consenting adults having sex is an important concept which basically means that both participating humans have given permission to have sex with each other and have not been coerced or forced or threatened into having sex which should be illegal if coercion exists. Consensual adults is a more accurate definition which means mutual consenting.

Parental consent is also a very important concept because parents are the primary authority figures over their offspring and permission must be obtained from parents first before offspring can do certain things or behave in a certain way.

When working consent from the boss, manager, or leader must first be gotten to do something differently, especially if it means doing something against business or company policy.

Permission and consenten really mean the same thing and are synonyms which is something which I am trying to avoid as much as possible. Unfortunately permitting adults is not as obvious a concept as consenting adults so I have defined consent using permission in it.

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