Stamp with word consider inside, vector illustration

Stamp with word consider inside, vector illustration

Consider: v. to carefully think about and/or to try to use as much reason as possible for duration

Considerations are in reality largely delayed impulsive reactions because few have the ability to carefully think about or use as much reason as possible to reach (conclusions and/or decisions) and/or judgments.

 The dictionary definition of think is  -to direct one’s mind toward someone or something; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas. There is no mention of how one connects the ideas, whether it is impulsively done or using reason and analyzing and synthesizing existing and given information. The truth is that we are not thought to think in school or elsewhere because the definition of think is so vaguely defined.

My definition of think is actually a more useful guide but still incomplete and not accurate enough because one should be thinking logically and no one has defined logical thinking yet, although I am trying hard to do so eventually-

Think: v. to silently and mentally verbalize and try to make correspondences between the subsets of one’s own knowledge and/or experiences and using as much logic as possible

Careful: adj. being methodical and meticulous and trying to avoid mistakes and/or dangerous circumstance(s)

What is careful thinking? It is thinking methodically but which method is being used? The impulsive method or a logical and reasoning method which is the ideal? I am merely presenting more evidence that no one has an accurate definition of what careful thinking really is. My goal is to define as many words as possible logically so vagueness disappears from language as much as possible and concepts such as careful thinking make sense to everyone or are understood by everyone.

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