Consult: v. to search for information and/or advice from a source of expertise and/or reliable knowledge for a problematic circumstance(s)

A consultant is a human source for expertise and/or reliable knowledge, who can provide you with relevant information and advice for a problematic circumstance(s) but you can also consult or search for information and/or advice in books and the writings of reputable humans on the internet.

Reputation and a history of satisfied customers are very important for human consultations and the same applies to websites providing reputable information and advice from competent reputable writers who have succeeded in growing a vast social media following of avid fans or a professional following.

 The actual practice of human consultation requires the consultant to gather information from you and analyze your circumstances before relying on a storehouse of prior experiences and past and present knowledge and information to optimize good advice for you and make a reliable recommendation on what to do for your or another’s problematic circumstance(s).


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