16888932-Abstract-word-cloud-for-Convenience-food-with-related-tags-and-terms-Stock-PhotoConvenience: n. an efficient subset(s) which saves much (time and/or energy) and/or money

A convenient package is easy to open and dispose of and convenient shopping is nicely displayed products and fast cashier checkout. In any case convenience is a measure of the efficiency of something and the more efficient that something is the more time, energy, and money it saves you.

An efficient business is one which makes the most money in the least amount of time and with the least expenditure of energy both human energy and nonhuman energy.

“That is convenient” is usually an acknowledgment that you are not wasting much time, energy, and money on something and/or that you are doing or experiencing something efficiently and much to your liking.

Convenience foods and drinks, some of which are fast foods and frozen foods, are sometimes not the healthiest ones to consume but you can definitely say that they are a rather efficient way of eating because they are relatively cheap, don’t waste much of your energy, and you save much time by not having to prepare the food or drink yourself.

Convenient shopping is a relatively inexpensive retail establishment with an efficient layout and cashiers where you don’t spend much time waiting in line.

If you find that you are wasting your time, energy, and money on something then it is not a very convenient thing for you to be doing and you should try to look elsewhere to satisfy those same needs and wants.

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