This blog thanks Rahul Khanna for the inspiration of this article.


Humans are impatient and want results too fast in a world which is increasingly propagandizing instant gratification.

Humans stop believing they have the ability to reach the goals.

Humans live in the past too much and can’t adapt to modern realities.

Humans dwell too much on past mistakes and fear more future failures.

Humans fear the future and overvalue a relatively comfortable past existence.

Humans really don’t want to change for the better but prefer to live with their existing good and bad habits.

Humans believe their weaknesses are too great to make goal achievement possible.

Humans feel the world owes them something and decide to wait for the world to give it to them.

Humans never take time out to search for or investigate new goals and the potential benefits which may come from achieving them.

Humans feel and fear that they will lose some of the good things which they have if they pursue the new goals.

Humans overwork and don’t leave time or don’t schedule time to pursue future desirable goals.

Humans assume their problems are too handicapping to achieve the goals.

Humans assume that much past failure means that they must give up on their goals.

Humans feel sorry for themselves and want to be pitied for their rather bad circumstances in life and use that as an excuse for not pursuing goals.

Humans lose their desire and motivation to improve themselves and no longer strive for better goals in life.

Humans are too lazy to put in the time, energy, and effort required to achieve goals.

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