Concomitant: adj. caused by and/or existing with but with lesser impact and/or importance for a lifeform(s)

Worries and travel are concomitant. Some worries are caused by or accompany traveling and exist side by side as a fact of life but the worries are usually of lesser importance and generally don’t take that much pleasure out of the overall experience of traveling.

Some pain and illness and stress in life and are concomitant but some pain and illness is considered the price one has to pay for a challenging stressful life and it is not generally as important as the stressful job and/or stressful human relationships which we overall enjoy participating in.

You can also say that offspringal problems and spousal problems are concomitant at times but offspringal problems are usually of lesser importance than a problem which you may have with your spouse which needs addressing. Yes, offspringal problems are sometimes caused by spousal actions or problems so side by side independence of offspring problems and spousal problems is not always factual or reality.

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