Collusion: n. willfully stealing using a secret agreement between two or more humans

There can be collusion between two burglars who are partners in burglary but the most serious kind of collusion is between corporations and organized crime. Corporate collusion can result in fixed high market prices for information and/or goods and/or services or ingus and this form of crime called price fixing is something the powerless customer can do very little about, especially if it is a vital product needed for survival.


Big international banks can collude and set artificially high interest rates on financial loans and manipulate the stock market and other financial assets including commodities. Big money corrupts and there is great temptation to make big profits by monetary manipulations of financial products and services.


There is only one weapon to fight big money collusion and that is setting up an independent watchdog foundation which protects watchdogs financially who reveal corporate corruption so that they don’t live impoverished lives after revealing the corruption to the general public either independently or through the corporate controlled media.

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