Circumstance:  n. the internal subsets of a lifeform(s) and the external subsets of the surrounding environment which affect and/or have the potential to affect samer lifeform(s) at a given point in time

Lifeforms are caught in many circumstances and they have to do their best to get out of the bad ones and enjoy the good ones.

A circumstance is not only your present body and mental condition and attitude but it is your immediate surroundings and how they impact you or can potentially impact you.

There are some circumstances which we can change with personal actions and there are others which we can’t change or are not within our power to change. With the circumstances which we are unable to change we can choose to ignore them, leave them, or learn to live with them if they are vital to your present survival such as a badly needed job which one may not like or even hate for a duration.

If circumstances become intolerable then the only recourse is to move away to another part of town or a city or even a different nation if your reputation has been lost and you are a public pariah.

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