Cheat: v. to deceive to gain an unjust advantage which may or may not be a fraud which frequently is a punishable offense and at a minimum immoral behavior not punishable by law

Cheating on your spouse is adultery and cheating on your taxes is a fraud and both are punishable under the law.

Cheating on your exam or at cards is immoral behavior which is punished by your teacher if caught or punished with ostracism from future card games by your card playing buddies because both are immoral acts of stealing the rules of just behavior. In both cases it is assumed that the information which you have has not been changed from the original content in your mind with a cheat sheet or in the case of cards that the original card information has not been changed physically or with unjust covert information about the cards being held by opponents.

Using unjustly gotten information to help you take a test or win at cards is immoral stealing of information from authorities or card playing buddies who should be justly informed of your wrong actions and should have been notified of the rule changes which you made or the rules of just behavior which you disobeyed or stole.

Cheating in these cases was either stealing information which you had no right to or adding information physically such as a cheat sheet or extra cards to gain an unjust advantage.

What does to gain an unjust advantage mean? It means to add and/or subtract a forbidden subset(s)

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