Certify: v. to test ingus for quality which should meet an objective recorded standard(s) determined by an independent organizational authority (such as a testing laboratory(s)) and an enforcing arm which is ultimately the national and/or international government for national and international (information and/or goods) and/or services)

An authority can certify something which means that it has met certain minimum standards. The key to believing in certifications is if the certifying has been validated by independent organizational authorities such as laboratories which try to make the certifications as objective as possible and minimize the inherent subjectivity which is almost always a part of the certification process.

Ultimate certification authorities are governments and the government has tried to certify organic food with certain minimum standards. Unfortunately there is constant pressure to have these standards weakened so that big monied agribusiness can also profit from lower standards which they use in growing food.

If certification is not validated by independent testing by independent organizations then unfortunately the trust in the accuracy of these certifications decreases and there is considerable absence of credibility in the certification process which has a tendency to become extremely subjective and political with time.

Education is a certification process and not only is the certificate important but also where you got the certificate has much to do with the credibility of its worth. Educational institutions try their hardest to develop a good reputation and maintain it for a relatively long duration. Prestigious schools still exist but there is increasing criticism that the rich and powerful offspring populate these institutions and that they are no longer guaranteed sources of educational excellence and a guarantee of good job performance in real life circumstances.

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