Calculate: v. to use mathematical and/or logical methods to make judgments about a subset(s)

If you use numbers and logic to make judgments about a subset(s) then you are essentially calculating. Mathematical calculations are as accurate as you can reasonably get and we have no better tool to describe the physical universe and all the events and subsets which can be described with it.

Yes, most of the real human world with its interactions can’t be mathematically described because the definitions of most words are not accurate enough to yield to description by an equation.

Statistics is used to make normative statements about human behavior but it is far from accurate with no cause effect certainty. Human variables are not only vaguely defined but are so numerous. So many of the human variables are interacting with one another that no proof or absolute certainty is possible when talking about human nature.

So much of human nature is relative to the culture which you are discussing.  Unfortunately human nature is so complex a subject that you must deal with most of it in very subjective, biased, traditional ways and no calculation is possible. Only ball park statistical poor guesses are the conclusions or judgments which we can make.

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