Care: v. to nurture and/or protect a subset(s)

Humans are so varied in their behavior that they can literally love anything and usually what you love you want to care for. You may love and care for your spouse, pets, plants, best friends, sports team, house, car, music, movies, etc. and that basically means that you want to nurture those things or want them to perhaps grow in popularity or in size and health if it is a young lifeform(s).

You probably also want to protect the things which you care for from destruction or decay. Complete caring as in traditional loving means that you are nurturing and protecting the “object” of your loving or caring.

An unfortunate side of caring is that you can love and care for immoral behavior and that means that you may be devoting much time, energy, effort, and money towards stealing, lying, adultery, hating, and doing other bad things like too much mind altering drugs, too much gambling, and too much pornography.

Find out what a human is devoting most of their time, energy, and money to and you will usually find out what they really love or care about in their lives.

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