Borrow: v. to temporarily and intentionally get possession of a subset(s) and not give money for samer subset(s)

Have you ever borrowed something and forgot to bring it back or worse yet damaged it and were too embarrassed to bring it back? Those are the risks that you take when lending something to someone for free. They may break the item or use it for too long and in either case it can lead to bad feelings or even arguments which can even threaten a relationship.

Pure communism doesn’t work for that same major reason. No one owns property in pure communism and when someone breaks that property then they are not responsible for paying for it and it causes bad feelings in the rest of the crowd which has to pay for your irresponsible unpunished behavior.

“Neither a borrower or a lender be” is only partially true. Don’t borrow is good advice but lending is what makes capitalism work, especially if you can enforce the lending with strict enforcement of the law and get your money back at a profit from the borrower who gets the bad end of the deal in many cases because of too much borrowing.

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