Barrier: n. a subset(s) which (stops and/or delays) and/or decreases (movement and/or an event(s))

A wall or fence is the common barrier which we are familiar with but there are also electromagnetic barriers and sunscreen lotion which acts as a barrier to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

There is also an energy barrier or an end to vigorous physical activity when your energy sources are used up or you have gone for too long without sleep.

Not so obvious are social barriers put up by the leadership in many organizations which make it exceedingly hard to gain social status in society without meeting the requirements of those social barriers. Financial wealth is an example of a social barrier which many simply will never be able to achieve so that they can truly exert social influence and have social prestige.

Cultural, ideological, and religious barriers are reasons that there is no permanent peace in the world and this is exceedingly obvious in the struggle of radical Muslim dogma with the modern western social norms.

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