Advantage: n. a circumstance and/or subset(s) which gives one a greater benefit

Our genetic inheritance gives may humans an advantage in life with better looks, better memory, and better coordination. Useful education can frequently offset genetic disadvantages and sometimes unrelenting smart work prevails over talent which is too lazy.

Athletes and investors are always looking for ways to get an advantage in their professions with unethical means with muscle enhancing drugs and insider trading information as two major examples.

Cheating on a test can give you an advantage if you don’t get caught and there are many deceptive practices in advertising which give you an advantage in selling cosmetics, health supplements, prescription drugs, processed food and drinks, sex aids, etc.

Good genes, a cohesive family, social connections, a good education, and wealth give humans distinct advantages in life. Whether humans choose to use these advantages for their benefit and that of others only time and other circumstances will reveal.

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