Construct: v. to make a subset(s) of matter and/or energy

Constructing a building or robot is rather easy to understand but constructing a relationship is a much vaguer concept.

A great relationship needs honesty, sincerity, dependability, competence, friendliness, and loyalty which are all behaviors which may or may not result in a great relationship. A relationship takes the interaction of two humans and if one is not honest, sincere, dependable, competent, etc. then a good relationship may not develop. All your attempts at constructing a good relationship may fail and it is a very relative situation very dependent on the personalities of the humans involved or interacting.

Constructing a play or movie designed to appeal to human emotions is traditionally considered an art more than a science but there is still a relatively large amount of predictability. There are tried and true writing and audio visual effects which historically have had great emotional appeal. Often similar themes are repeated over and over again with slightly different or modern settings and succeed very well.

It is the inexperienced poorly knowledgeable writers and directors who are responsible for most box office failures and sometimes it is just because their works appeal to a more selective audience with greater smarts and less mass appeal.

To construct means to make anything out of matter and/or energy and that includes constructing human behavior.


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