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8 Ways to care: listen without interrupting unless it is trivial, validate without punishing unless it is immorality, speak without accusing before the evidence is in, give prudently to those who have earned it, answer without arguing, share without pretense, enjoy without complaining, and promise without forgetting.


Missing someone?  Contact them

Want to meet up? Invite them

Want to be understood? Explain what you mean

Have questions? Don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t like something? Say it if you think it will make a difference

Like something? Express it joyfully

Want something? Ask for it or pay for it

Most are motivated by desire, emotion, and knowledge. Being primarily motivated by a desire for useful knowledge is the sign of a more rational human.

Fear of the unknown traps us in our mundane existence which can only be escaped with more useful knowledge about unknown subject matters.

Looking for love? Your chances of finding love will greatly increase if you transform yourself into a more caring, empathetic, friendly, competent human.

Most of us are deluged with mundane information devoid of wisdom.

Sometimes in life, you are punished by a bad situation which repeats itself until you learn your lesson and change to avoid it.

Three things basically motivate humans. Fear or pleasure and an exciting combination of both.

Maturity comes with knowledge and experience not just age.

Close relationships seem more difficult today with texted conversations, arguments over the phone, and feelings which become status updates but much excess trivial emotion disappears.

The causes of adult immaturity are immorality and scarcity of useful knowledge and experience.

Teachers can lead you into an educational wasteland where you get trapped or lost and only selfeducation can lead to an escape from this brainwashing.

If the plan doesn’t work then change the plan but only change the goal if it begins to seem unattainable in your lifetime or the next generation doesn’t continue to pursue the goal.

What motivates you controls your life. Most of it is habitual unconscious impulsive motivation and is highly resistant to change for the better, improving change that most of us need but seldom achieve because we aren’t aware of and can’t redirect our subconscious desires.

Those who are able to see beyond the deceptions and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed, by the masses.

That there must be a beginning and end to everything is a social myth. You and the universe are constant, continuous, lasting energy which never ends but merely TRANSFORMS in infinite time.

The greatest wisdom comes from an understanding of science and human nature.

An unfulfilled promise makes you a liar about the future and trust in you will decrease dramatically if you don’t fulfill your important promises.

You remember the good and bad so try to be good. You will have good memories in old age and not bad ones which may torture you and fill you with regret for a wasted bad life.

Staying QUIET doesn’t always mean that I have nothing to say. Sometimes it means I don’t think that you can maturely and smartly react to what I really think and want to say.

I don’t care how attractive you think you are. If you behave immorally then you are quite ugly inside.

Anything we do costs some time, energy, and money. The smart human knows HOW MUCH it costs and is smart enough to decrease the time and/or energy and/or money when there is too much wasted time, energy, and money.

Most humans want to change something but then don’t know how to proceed to change their old thinking and behavior to make the change possible.

Stay single until you meet someone who complements and improves your life. If not then it’s not worth it.

Good relationships share some responsibilities equally but more important there should be a just distribution of complementing responsibilities in the relationship.

When you feel that you need someone in a relationship then make sure that you do things so that you too are needed by that someone.

First expecting and developing TRUST in a new potentially intimate relationship is more important than loving. Establishing trust by not lying and fulfilling promises for duration makes a new loving relationship relatively secure and is worth the wait.

Good reciprocating communications and loyalty begin a potentially intimate relationship and you determine that it can be a good relationship when hoped for trust and respect is proven by competent actions during the duration of the relationship.

Trust develops and grows stronger with the passage of time if you don’t lie and fulfill all your promises, especially the important promises in a relationship.

Integrity is vital in moral relationships. Deception and lying can sometimes be justified when apprehending some criminals who lie, deceive, and even kill for profit even though it is legally sometimes called entrapment or a sting operation.

Don’t chase humans. Get a useful education, work smart and hard, be honest and friendly with most that you meet and the right humans who belong in your life will find you and stay.

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