2016 - 1

They don’t waste time and energy feeling sorry for themselves but move on.

They don’t lose emotional control during confrontations and don’t let an awareness of personal emotions handicap their progress towards goal achievement.

They welcome challenges and are ready to change accordingly.

They don’t waste time and energy on things which they can’t control and do a minimum of complaining.

They don’t worry about pleasing others because they are confidently moral, just, friendly, kind, and are not afraid to speak up.

They take calculated risks by weighing the drawbacks and benefits of important actions.

They don’t repeat mistakes and take full responsibility for their past actions.

They don’t resent or envy other human successes but celebrate them.

They see each failure as an opportunity to learn and improve and are not afraid of possible unknown future failure.

They don’t fear being alone to take time to reflect, plan, work, and recharge.

They don’t have an entitlement attitude but feel that they will succeed on personal merit in the long duration.

They rarely expect instant gratification but are willing to persevere until a goal(s) is fully achieved.

They maintain most of their core beliefs but are ready to modify their opinions where needed.

They don’t waste time and energy on mental and physical trivia.

They think about potential goal achievement and try to abandon unproductive thinking.

They don’t fear criticism but view it as potential information for possible future improvement.

They have integrity and don’t compromise it with immoral short cuts.

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