Concept Connections Blue Background

Concept Connections Blue Background

Not so obvious to some, the internet was creating and is still creating cultural chaos with many prominent writers having lost their jobs and losing a national audience with it. Free information is very alluring but the reality is that the producers of the information have to be paid somehow and quality information is costly.

The quality of the culture has suffered and we are being brainwashed to buy crap and read crappy information more than ever. Crappy information may entertain many but it helps almost no one to realistically lead a better quality life.

Today more and more are trapped in their social networks all pursuing their mundane interests and having less and less political and social values in common with most of the citizens of a country or even world.

The real challenge is to create a new world culture which spans borders and creates a necessary worldwide secular morality to replace the old and decaying religious ones. I am perhaps one of the few who sense an urgency to restore a common human morality if we are not to descend into political chaos followed by tyranny.

Personal tradition is overwhelming national and religious tradition.  Search engines like Google are struggling to regain some sense of order out of the chaos that it helped to create. Google’s latest emphasis is on professional and reputable publications rather than promoting publications based on keywords and followings which often have no connection to quality of input but are quantitative standards which can and often do promote mediocrity and sensationalism.

China was well aware of the threat posed to its leadership by the internet and continues to the present day to censor what it deems political or social dissent.

Censorship of the internet is inevitable and welcome to some extent even though it may take many years to make some areas of it a quality experience for all who choose to partake and it will probably be at some additional cost to the customer or consumer.

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