It may not be obvious but for the world to be more unified and to interact in a relatively peaceful way it must have one set of human moral principles which most try to live by. All religions and their followers can update their services to reflect a new universal moral code but more realistic would be to begin teaching this unified secular moral code in elementary schools throughout the world.

The moral principles are- except in emergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!!

Call them the six commandments if you want and you can fill in the details with real world examples to make it understandable to the general public. Both religious and secular counselors can fill in the details in their own personalized way with examples from their own and friend’s personal lives.

Science will never prove the validity of this secular moral code because the principles can’t be validated in the laboratory with rigorous testing and proof. Yes, a certain amount of faith in the code is required but it is far superior to the chaotic relativistic situation ethics advocated by pseudo scientific psychologists.

A considerable amount of certainty in human relationships is vital if trust is to be maintained between the leadership and the led, among leaders, among the general public, and among families. A unified moral code taught to all as an ideal is something which humans can trust and believe in and follow impulsively once they are indoctrinated in early childhood.

Highly recommended rules of behavior is one way of looking at it and the more unified the behavior the more peaceful will be the human interactions throughout a lifetime worldwide. Humans need a morality which they can believe in and one which is free of myths, deceptions, outright lies and is as close to the real truth as possible!!!!!!

It is not enough to rule the world with a monopoly on the money supply. There must be a common morality practiced between the leaders, between the leaders and the led, and between the led and the led which unifies all humans and does not separate them into warring factions out to dominate one another in never ending human and gender strife!!!


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