They have learned the valid historical rules and information or knowledge which govern their creative realm and continue the learning process by keeping up with new developments in their field of interest.

They are very curious, questioning and have an insatiable appetite for new relevant information. They are not averse to some new experiences also and the information of other fields of interest other than their major field of interest. Cross fertilization or incorporating information from other fields of interest into their own field is something which they sometimes do.

They take time out for solitude or time alone where they basically isolate themselves from immediate stimuli from the outside world surrounding them and daydream, think, introspect, or meditate by themselves.

They are resilient or not afraid to fail, do fail quite a bit but more importantly always try to learn something from the failure even if it only means that plan A did not work so on to plan B, C, etc.

They watch or observe humans and have an avid interest in human nature if they are artistic. They observe natural phenomenon and have an avid interest in them if they are SEMP types or are scientists, engineers, mathematicians, or programmers.

They are often risk takers and dare to be different by trying out new things or playing with new ideas or concepts.

Creativity is really a process of analyzing sets and synthesizing subsets. They are unusually good at synthesizing or connecting subsets into new sets.

They are passionate about their work or love what they are doing and spend many hours working sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Many are workaholics.

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