It is a myth that there is a separation between the emotional brain and an analytic one which creativity depends on. Creativity is really a mixture of emotion, analysis, and synthesis.

Subconscious impulsive emotions guide our conscious reactions as we also use conscious analysis and synthesis of the structures which exist in the world around us. When we sleep, daydream, or think there is also subconscious emotion, analysis and synthesis going on in the brain which we have no direct control over and it just mysteriously takes place whether we want it to exist or not and it is the source for “aha” moments which seem to come out of nowhere.

In effect there is always a subconscious mixture of emotion, analysis, and synthesis going on in the brain whether we are awake or asleep and when we are awake added to this subconscious activity is a mixture of active conscious emotion, analysis, and synthesis which is what the conscious brain is doing with the real world when one is trying to be creative.

Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, and Programmers or SEMPs do more analysis and synthesis within strict rule guidelines with a minimum of emotional display whereas most artists depend on a more emotional impulsive somewhat random loose rule guideline form of analysis and synthesis to do their creative work. All creative individuals analyze and synthesize structures in the real world but more emotional artists do not follow strict rule guidelines as much as the true more creative SEMPs do.

Unfortunately many artists have a tendency to want to break rules and pursue rather random creative paths which lead to many mutant unnatural useless forms of creativity which are frankly crap. SEMPs creators have a tendency to create new rules to follow and adhere to as temporary guidelines for further creativity and are therefore creating more complex creative useful structures.

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